You're only 10 minutes away from a great relationship with your child

  • Negative Attention-Seeking at it’s Best…I recently came across this video again of a prime example of negative attention-seeking at it’s best.
  • “I can do anything good!”...they would come in listing all the reasons why their child was driving them nuts
  • The Balance MythHow do you balance work, career, finances, personal fulfillment, parenting, family, physical well-being, and spirituality?
  • Having Fun While Staying Healthy… great practical tips for naturally encouraging your kids to eat healthy and get them involved in the kitchen.
  • The Dad Life…I have to share this video.
Negative Attention-Seeking at it’s Best…1 “I can do anything good!”2 The Balance Myth3 Having Fun While Staying Healthy…4 The Dad Life…5

You’re About to Learn the
5 Deadliest Parenting Mistakes
That Guarantee Failure and
Frustration Every Time…

Tired of your child not following directions? Challenging you? Whining and crying? Hitting and biting? Pushing the limits? Throwing tantrums? — Do you want to restore sanity and order to your household?

Maria Marinakis Ed.M., LADC finally reveals why most parents are attracting and creating all the behaviors they don’t want instead of instilling the behaviors and attitudes they do want. If you’re not achieving your parenting goals, forging a positive healthy relationship with your child, having fun as a family, or living the family life of your dreams, these quite possibly will be the most important words you ever read.