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Vegas Mini-Vegan Chef…

I was so struck by this 7-year-old, who is in the running with adult competitors for the title of, “Hottest Raw Chef.”  He is definitely the most adorable.  I believe in encouraging everyone, especially kids, to follow their passion and jump!  With that being said, I’d like to ask you for your support in helping this young person achieve his goal.  Below is the email I received from his mom.  Also, check out mom’s (Elena’s) site,, to find out more about vegan diet or to incorporate some vegan recipes into your repertoire.  

Subject: My son Louis’ (age 7) latest recipe video – Please vote!

Louis made a recipe video entry for this contest

Please vote for him at! It takes less than 2 minutes!

 Hurry… Contest voting ends July 21st!

 1) Add your name and email on bottom – “Voter Registration” – click submit

2) Vote – Louis is #20

 BONUS! By voting you will receive a Raw Recipes ebook.

 Louis’ Favorite Raw & Vegan Chocolate Smoothie

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