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Stay Hungry-Stay Foolish!

Those were the parting words of advice from the Steve Jobs’ commencement speech to Stanford University that I shared last week.  I said that big changes were ahead for me, based on my personal reflection of late.  Yesterday, I resigned from my position at UNLV as a full-time Child Welfare Training Specialist.  It was certainly not a decision that I made lightly, but when I look at the overall picture of where I can use my greatest gifts for the best benefit, the answer was clear.  Although I will cherish the experience of connecting with so many wonderful, dedicated new and experienced child welfare workers, the time to move forward in my personal journey was clearly long overdue.

There’s no feeling more amazing than speaking for teachers and parents.  I will be focusing on developing new training through my 10 Minute Parenting business.  I will be on a mission to speak in as many different venues as possible, so if your organization is looking for a dynamic speaker who is passionate about helping families improve their relationships and live in harmony, then please see my website, and contact me directly.  I can also work with schools, churches, and other non-profit organizations to turn a speaking/training event into a fundraiser.  Contact me to find out how.

So, perhaps my decisions seem foolish to some, but I firmly believe we cease growing when we cease challenging ourselves to live outside the comfort zone.  For now, and hopefully forever, I’m staying hungry and foolish.

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