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KeyNote Speaker for Organizations and Conferences

If your teachers are wondering whether they’re making a difference, they must hear Maria’s story.  Maria was born in inner city Baltimore to Greek-immigrant parents, and grew up witnessing domestic violence in a physically and emotionally abusive home. Although her mother was a positive, encouraging force in her life, it was her teachers who role-modeled the modern world values and skills necessary for her to overcome the negative pressures at home.  Maria’s teachers fostered the drive and fortitude she needed to succeed as a leader in her life purpose of  helping parents achieve positive, healthy relationships with their children.  Read more.

Maria enjoys giving lively, motivational keynote speeches.  She has been a keynote speaker for a variety of parenting conferences, WIC conferences, teachers’ organizations, YMCA, workforce development graduations, etc.  With a background that includes stand-up comedy and improvisational comedy training with Second City, Maria is sure to have the audience laughing and inspired to take on any challenge.  It’s no secret that Maria credits her teachers as her greatest motivators, mentors, encouagers, supporters, and coaches.  Maria pays tribute to teachers and the many others that daily take on the task of inspiring and educating the youth of today to become the leaders of tomorrow. 

7 Reasons Conference & Meeting Planners
Love Booking Maria Marinakis

1)  Experienced Speaker
Maria has delivered thousands of presentations at conferences and meetings nationwide. She has received the, “Outstanding Teacher Award” at the 6th Annual Literacy Awards and consistently achieves top audience and participant ratings.

2)  Your Audience Will Laugh, Learn, and Be Inspired
Maria has done stand-up comedy and trained with the Second City Comedy Improvisation group in Las Vegas. She has a way of turning otherwise technical, boring information into a fun and informative interactive session that enables participants to learn, retain, and effectively use techniques immediately.

3)  Successful Parenting Coach
Maria has been working with children and families for over 17 years. Her experience spans from in-home ‘supernanny-styled’ intervention with families in crisis to child welfare investigations and training.

4)  Celebrity Author
Maria has appeared on a variety of radio and television news programs.

5)  Easiest Person to Work With
Maria is a true professional who will go the extra mile to make you shine. You will not be disappointed.

6)  Peace of Mind
Rest assured that you are working with a true professional with a passion for her work and delivering above and beyond expectations.

7)  Free Books!
Last, but not least, when you book Maria Marinakis for your event you will receive 100 FREE books. Call for details.  1-877-454-3463

Speaker, Trainer, and Keynote Speaker
Maria will custom-design TRAINING and KEYNOTES for your specific audience and organization.

Here are some frequently requested classes:

Full course descriptions and outlines are available upon request.

  • Understanding the Alphabet Soup Behind “Seemingly” Bad Behavior
  • 10-Minute Parenting: Chaos to Calm at Home and in Public
  • 10-Minute Classroom Management:  Chaos to Calm in the Classroom
  • Parenting Infants & Toddlers Without Going Nuts: Behavior Management Techniques That Work In a Hurry
  • Why Spanking Works and Why You SHOULDN’T Do It: What To Do Instead
  • Signs and Symptoms of Abuse and Neglect
  • Effects of Abuse and Neglect on Child Development:
      Implications for Teachers
      Implications for Healthcare Providers
      Implications for Parents
  • Understanding Attachment
  • Cross-Cultural Issues in Foster and Adoptive Parenting
  • Child Welfare Work Made Easy: How to Instantly Connect and Engage Clients for Successful Outcomes
  • Sober Parenting: Now, What?
  • Intention Re-Invention: Finding Opportunity in the Midst of Life Crises

To have Maria custom design courses for your specific needs, call 1-877-454-3463 or email:

 Speaker Rates: Please call for rates. 10% discount for non-profit & community groups.

Ask how to get Maria to speak for your organization for FREE! Maria always says,

“If it’s FREE, its for ME!”